The Nature of This Flower Is to Bloom
— Alice Walker (Revolutionary Petunias, 1971)

I work, with individuals, with couples, and with groups, from an integral, relational view of psychotherapy. In essence, this integral view honors our painful experience of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual distress and also recognizes that we are far more than our suffering. In large part, effective counseling and therapy is about helping someone who is caught in a cycle of suffering to do two things: to access openness in order to approach that suffering with loving kindness, and to invite compassion in order to work with that suffering from a place of wisdom. Therapeutic relationship is a turning key in this process and a unique container for it. 

There are a host of effective therapeutic techniques and methods to access openness and instill compassion that I have trained in, including psychoanalytic/psychodynamic work with habitual patterns of relating and how to realize new ways of connecting; cognitive/behavioral work with core beliefs, somatic work addressing sensory experience; humanistic/transpersonal work addressing how we give meaning to our lives; family systems work with multigenerational streams of habitual patterning; couples work on intimacy, attachment, gender issues, and sexuality; and expressive arts work that taps the creative spirit.

My unique form of Integral Relational work draws on this ground and centers on relationships with myriad aspects of oneself, with others, and with/in the world. A great strength as an integral practitioner of the therapeutic arts is my capacity to precisely identify and employ those particular methods that will best suit an individual client, for psychotherapy or for consultation.

Based on your particular needs, style, goals, culture, beliefs, history, aptitudes, and comfort zone, I will help you to summon courage, patience, and diligence to inquire into the feelings, sensations, and thoughts that suffering and its alleviation are composed of, so that new pathways of fulfillment open up for you.

My fees are commensurate with other highly trained and experienced clinicians. 50 minute sessions with individuals, both in person and by video when clients are at a distance, are 175/hr. 50 minute sessions with couples are 200/hr. 80 minute sessions with couples are 300/hr. I can provide an invoice for clients who have a PPO insurance plan and would like to seek reimbursement.